Campo Alla Sughera

April 2024

Campo alla Sughera Acquires 3 New Hectares of Vineyards

The winery from Bolgheri expands and consolidates its growth.

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Bolgheri, April 2024 – Campo alla Sughera, a winery nestled between Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci, has expanded its holdings with a new 3.3-hectare parcel along the Via Bolgherese, where a hectare is already dedicated to Bolgheri DOC. This strategic acquisition aims not only to boost production but also to elevate the quality of its wines.

The additional plots, boasting proven soil quality confirmed through analysis, seamlessly integrate with the existing 18 hectares set amidst extraordinary natural elementssuch as the marly soilrich in minerals, theseathat decisively influences the area's microclimate andtime,which allows the evolution of the wines

«The plot, facing southwest, lies just a short distance from Campo allaSughera, near the village of Castagneto Carducci. Covering a total area of 3.3 hectares, it includes 1 hectare that was planted in the early 2000s with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a small portion of Vermentino.Its close proximity to the hills overlooking the Via Bolgheresemeans the soil is rich in alluvial deposits, with plenty of pebbles and fine sands» saysFrancesco Gagliardi, who oversees winemaking at Campo allaSughera «In the hectare where Merlot is already planted, we also find good percentages of clay, along with pebbles and gravel.Over the next few months, we'll be preparing, fertilizing, and leveling the uncultivated part of the land, ready for planting next year».

Owned by theKnauf family from Germany, the estate had already acquired an additional 2 hectares in early 2022. Of this, 1.5 hectares were planted with Cabernet Sauvignon last year, all in pursuit of enhancing production of its flagship wine, Bolgheri Superiore Arnione.

This latest acquisition further solidifies Campo allaSughera's commitment to economic and qualitative growth.

According to Tommaso Alessandri, Winery Director«The acquisition of new hectares signals the Knauf family's strong commitment to the continuous growth of Campo allaSughera. This investment follows significant economic achievements over the past four years, during which the company has achieved double-digit growth each year and successfully implementing a rigorous repositioning strategy»

Bolgheri continues to prove itself as a top-notch investment destination with Campo allaSughera leading the charge in showcasing its quality over recent years. This success is thanks to the team's dedication, following the company's philosophy centered on achieving the paradigm of enological perfection. This approach, rooted in thorough land analysis and strategic enhancement of the finest international grape varieties, aims to produce wines that truly reflect the unique character of Bolgheri's terroir—a genuine expression of the region's rich complexity

«Creating perfect wines is an unattainable feat, it's simply impossible. However, aspiring for perfection is a different storyit's the path to excellence, and that's precisely what we strive for every day: to keep pushing the boundaries and elevating the quality of our wines»Alessandri concludes

Campo allaSughera. In the beginning, we wanted to understand the land of Bolgheri: we looked carefully and saw thesea. Our land is a place filled with extraordinary natural elements: the marly soil that is rich in minerals; the sea which decisively influences the area's microclimate; and time, which allows the evolution of our wines.

To bring the life and energy of Bolgheri to the world, we do nothing but support these forces through the management of the vineyards (microterroir), the selection of the grapes (triple selection) and the production of our wines (use of gravity,microvinifications). The result is a rich expressive range of this land: Campo allaSughera, IGT Toscana Rosso, Arnione, Bolgheri DOC Superiore, Adèo, Bolgheri DOC Rosso and Arioso, IGT Toscana Bianco.