Nothing is built on stone; All is built on sand,
but we must build as if the sand were stone.

Jorge Luis Borges


Rational viticulture

The Della Gherardesca Counts began the first forms of rational viticulture within the territory of Bolgheri.

Campo Alla Sughera | Bolgheri


The French varieties

The first experimental vineyards started in the Capanne of Castiglioncello and in the grounds of Castelluccio with the planting of French varieties such as Gamay, Cabernet and Syrah.

Campo Alla Sughera | Bolgheri


Less quantity, more quality

Phylloxera considerably reduced the area of the vineyards. A quality-oriented viticulture gradually replaced the one based on quantity, through the system of sharecropping.


The first Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard

Marquis Mario Incisa della Rocchetta planted the first hectare of Cabernet Sauvignon in Castiglioncello, on a hilly terrain sheltered from the winds, demonstrating Bolgheri's extraordinary vocation for Bordeaux vines.

Campo Alla Sughera | Bolgheri


The denomination

The growing fame of the wines produced in Bolgheri was finally acknowledged and guaranteed: Bolgheri Doc was officially born.


A new disciplinary

The production disciplinary changed: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot have been allowed for the production of Bolgheri Rosso Doc.


The Protection Consortium

On December 14, the Consortium for the Protection of the great Bolgheri Doc wines was established, adopting the cypress avenue of San Guido as its symbol, consecrated by one of Giosuè Carducci’s most famous odes.

Campo Alla Sughera | Bolgheri


The zoning

The Knauf family carried out a detailed classification of the land to identify the most suitable plots for the production of great Bolgheri wines.


Campo alla Sughera is born

Campo alla Sughera is born next to the bed of Fossa di Bolgheri, protected by the hills that rise slightly to the east and form a natural barrier against the cold currents of the hinterland. 20 hectares in the heart of the Bolgheri denomination, of which 16.5 are cultivated with vineyards. The location chosen by the Knauf family is perfect: a land between the sea and the hills, where sands and marls meet, enhancing the natural complexity and expressive richness of the local wines.



Arnione is born, the estate’s iconic Bolgheri Doc Superiore label.

Campo Alla Sughera | Bolgheri



First harvest of Adèo, a Bolgheri Doc made with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes.

Campo Alla Sughera | Bolgheri



Campo alla Sughera’s first white wine, an elegant IGT Toscana made from Vermentino grapes.

Campo Alla Sughera | Bolgheri


Campo alla Sughera’s Super Tuscan

Long years of experimental vinification and careful study of the soils have led to the creation of Campo alla Sughera, a Super Tuscan made with Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc grapes.

Campo Alla Sughera | Bolgheri


The great Petit Verdot

Analysis of the land’s texture has demonstrated Campo alla Sughera's territorial disposition for the cultivation of Petit Verdot, which has proven to be the best variety.


A new alliance

Campo alla Sughera began an important alliance with the world-renowned winemaker Stéphane Derenoncourt.

Campo Alla Sughera | Bolgheri


Anima di Arnione

The release of Anima di Arnione 2019 is the result of the project whose aim is to celebrate Campo alla Sughera most iconic wine, Arnione Bolgheri DOC Superiore. The project resulted from the rigorous zoning operations carried out by Campo alla Sughera to reach a specific goal: to harvest the highest quality from each microterroir and each plot at the peak of their true expression and bring perfect fruits to the cellar.


Campo alla Sughera expands its estate

The winery has purchased two additional hectares of land - of which 1.5 ha planted with Cabernet Sauvignon in 2023 - enriching its wine heritage, balanced between identity and evolution.


3 New Hectares of Vineyards

Campo alla Sughera has expanded its holdings with a new 3.3 - hectare parcel along the Via Bolgherese, where a hectare is already dedicated to Bolgheri DOC. This strategic acquisition aims not only to boost production but also to elevate the quality of its wine.



The choice was made after carrying out a detailed classification of the land based on geological and pedoclimatic elements to identify the most suited plots for the production of great wines in Bolgheri. Since then, Campo alla Sughera's goal has only been to enhance the territory’s natural wine vocation by making uncompromising and outstanding winemaking choices, in search of the ideal form of Bolgheri.

Campo Alla Sughera | Bolgheri
Campo Alla Sughera | Bolgheri

Knauf Family

Isabel Knauf, co-owner and geologist

2017 saw the start of collaboration with the world famous winemaker Stéphane Derenoncourt. It is our declared goal to impart still more elegance and finesse on the Mediterranean wines. A continuous process for which we work with maximum commitment and great passion. And behind it all a highly motivated international team with great winemaking expertise. A team that always does its best for top-quality wines. Wines made with the greatest care, without any time constraints and in harmony with nature.