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Alabaster appears on the bottles

New Label Design

Alabaster. It sounds almost like a magic word, something enchanted, supernatural.

But it hangs in the wine cellar. A milky white, big, rough alabaster sphere, which looks so unworldly and yet so earth-bound.
This alabaster sphere is magical, so to speak. But not because it predicts the future.

But because it encapsulates a family’s past, their commitment, passion and painstaking manual work, which has resulted in award-winning wines.

That‘s why the alabaster sphere was chosen as the symbol for the new labels of Campo alla Sughera wines.

The alabaster is a variety of gypsum. It is a sediment that is produced in large quantities within isolated sea basins in the evaporation of water. Wind and water form it into something so round and perfect that it is hard to believe, nature could create such elegance.

The quarries around Volterra, a small town in Tuscany, produce some of the most valuable alabaster in the world. When it is quarried, the type of gypsum emerges in the form of eggs, the so-called „Arnioni“.

Near Volterra is the beautiful area of Bolgheri. A jewel that is nourished by the sun and refreshed by the mild sea breeze. With its light loam and clay soils, Bolgheri is a promising wine region. And it is exactly this rich soil as well as the alabaster sphere which link the Knauf family as a manufacturer of building material and the Knauf family as winemaker in Bolgheri.

The new label, designed by german designers Shuttle Design Studio reflects a family history and stands for the lightness, elegance and finesse of the wines of Campo alla Sughera.

Behind all that, there hides no magic, but only the power of nature and human precision and devotion.

Let’s meet

Upcoming Tasting Events

In the next few months we will again be travelling bringing our Bolgheri wines to wine lovers and experts around the world. Perhaps we will not be so far from where you are? Be sure to visit us and taste our elegant wines! We look forward to welcoming you!

Feb 24: Selezione Italia, Vienna

Feb 24: Mondial Wine Annual Tasting, London

Feb 29 to March 4: Great Wines of Italy with James Suckling,                                San Francisco, Chicago, New York

March1-2: Terre Toscana, Lido di Camaiore

March 12: Virgin Chinese Wine&Dine, Dragon Schatz Rotkreuz

March 15-17: Prowein, Düsseldorf

March 21-22: Matter of Taste, Zürich

On 27. January 2018

Interview with our wine consultant Stéphane Derenoncourt

Franco-Italian expertise in Bolgheri


Giving wines a distinctive identity and underscoring their outstanding characteristics – that is the mission of Stéphane Derenoncourt, who is currently working with us in Bolgheri. In order to produce one of the best-known and most sought-after Bolgheri Doc Superiore, we have placed our trust since 2017 in the globally acknowledged French wine expert and his Tuscan colleague and Bolgheri specialist David Picci. The declared goal of our partnership is to confer still more elegance and finesse on our Mediterranean Bordeaux.

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